Inside us

Why Hamkke?

Hamkke (함께) is a Korean word than means "Together", it is the pillar of our company, because we believe in teamwork, we believe that different points of view mean complementarity, and reaching synergies will achieve the desired objectives. Our mission is to be the trustworthy advisor to your company, who can bridge the gaps of cultural differences to promote the best ways of doing business so as to make deals happen.


Provide reliable and high quality advice, accompanying our clients achieve their goals, and enhance their profitability, through the implementation of a strategic model based on an ethical approach, of commitment and sustainability. Our company works with an integral approach based on results, tailored to each client’s need.


Hamkke will be known as a leading specialize consulting firm of the Pacific Rim, successful in adding value to their clients. Our firm specializes in business strengthening to improve the ability of our customers to do business within this region.



We provide our clients with knowledge and professionalism with international standards.

Results oriented

We are a results oriented company. We support our customers reaching their goals as agreed in a partnership.

Inclusion and diversity, the real teamwork

For Hamkke, different points of view is a profitable approach. We are a suitable, high performing team. We have implemented protocols where diversity and inclusion are the main topics in our environment.

Global Mind

We move in a world that converges stronger through technology and trade, providing access to a variety of opportunities worldwide. That is why; Hamkke believes that a Global mind is one of its strategies of value generation.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

We are convinced that maximizing profits does not mean sacrificing ethics and social responsibility in an organization. Instead these are the best tools for sustainable growth. In Hamkke we apply the highest ethical standards in all our making decision processes transforming them into corporate habits. We place our client needs ahead of ours, designing and performing the best roadmap that allows a significant advance of our clients in a sustainable way.

Market Access 

International Business

Colombia has been shifting from an isolated economy depending on a few commercial partners to a more open economy through negotiations of FTAs all over the world. Among these, the Pacific Rim has gradually emerged as a strategic partner for Colombia. The FTA with the United States and Canada to access North American markets, the Pacific Alliance as a new Latin American trade bloc, and in Asia the Free Trade Agreement with the Republic of Korea, are the main markets that will positively increase the expectations for Colombia and its new partners concerning trade and investment.

Our academic achievements, as well as life experience and work in different countries, has allowed us to develop a range of skills, knowledge, synergies and networking possibilities that will facilitate business and project development, between international companies, institutions, and organizations

Commercial Management

From Strategy, we design sales and marketing plans, identifying opportunities for your business.

  • Segmentation, niches and target
  • Marketing mix
  • Digital and consultatitve sales strategies


  • Budget analysys
  • Sales structure to aligned with strategy
  • Compensation
  • KPIs
  • Commercial/sales scorecard
  • Sales team training

For Foreign Companies For Colombian Companies

For Foreign Companies

  • Conduct competitive intelligence and tailor made market research
  • Analyze business opportunities in Colombia
  • Direct investment in Colombia: M&A, Greenfield, and Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Create a network of key contacts for business development
  • Find customers and create commercial agendas
  • Develop a startup strategy
  • Advise in decision-making (real estate, local partners, accurate information, benchmarking, suppliers, etc.)
  • Advise in legal, financial, administrative, human resources, marketing, and corporate social responsibility
  • Provide project structuring and governmental tenders
  • Offer Franchise consulting


For Colombian Companies

  • Analyze foreign business opportunities to sell, supply, and partner with others.
  • Create a network of key contacts for business development
  • Find customers and prepare commercial agendas
  • Identify the fairs and exhibitions in the foreign markets of interest, according to your business and advise regarding the feasibility of attendance
  • Provide legal and financial advice