The way we look the world

HAMKKE   ) Korean word that means “Together” 

Its conception begins in 2009 on the Asian continent, the decision of its partners who want to explore the world from another perspective, reach new summits, and see the world from different prospective.

Although everything was different, the respect of the different cultures was the point of convergence.

The resilience of South Korea, being one of the poorest countries after the Second World War, its transformation to reach the 21st century as one of the great world powers, being in the top positions as the most innovative country, the best digital infrastructure, poverty to philanthropy, among other key success factors, inspired and taught the co founders of this company that: Teamwork is successful;

Great ideals are achieved with effort;

Change is constant and adapting is ingenuity;

Discipline = success.

After 3 years dreaming of Hamkke Consulting in the lounge of our MBA, in 2012 Hamkke was founded in Colombia.

The dream of making Colombian companies have expert co-teams to execute and not only design, being part of clients’ teams, with the state of the art as knowledge and the experience to share, in each area, creating synergies, co-creating, bringing together high-performance teams, innovating, implementing tools of the fourth industrial revolution.

To make them more profitable through a comprehensive strategy with a global vision, sustainable, responsible, innovative, and successful.

10 Years

Countdown to our first decade