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Landing in a strategic way

Our main function is to facilitate business with our passion and drive for excellence.

We understand that Colombia represents an excellent opportunity for foreign companies interested in expanding their operations:

With stable macroeconomic variables, urban centers with more than 1 million inhabitants, institutions and attractive economic growth, it is an excellent entry route to Andean and Latin American region.

We understand that the local ecosystem is necessary to make better decisions and that is why we present the following portfolio to make a more assertive soft landing process with fewer risks.

Do you need to design and develop aninternationalization strategy, but you don't have the time or the right team to make it a reality?

Our internationalization outsourcing service designs and executes the plan to conquer international markets, as if it were part of your organization.

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Outsourcing forLanding en Internacionalización

Do you need to design and develop an internationalization strategy in Colombia, but you don’t have the time or the right team to make it happen? Our landing outsourcing service designs and executes the strategic development process that actually works, and uncovering your management blind spots in this market.

Internal Analysis – Product or service

We analyze your product o service, and we recommend the adjustments needed to better fit to local consumers.

Internal Analysis - check list

According to local law or market requirements, we provide a checklist in order to follow a roadmap.

External Analysis – market information

We conduct competitive intelligence and tailor made market research, to size the commercial opportunity.

Marketing mix

We recommend the accurate marketing mix to execute the plan in short term.

Strategy – enter plan

We cocreated with your team, an enter plan to the market, according to internal capabilities, for short-, mid- and long-term approach.

External Analysis – competition

We examine the competition, and provide and analysis of attributes, in order to create a positioning map for your product or service.

Network – commercial agendas

We Create a network of key contacts for business development and create commercial agendas.

Advise in decision-making

We support selection process of local suppliers and talent, for better decision making process.

We provide you with advice at no cost. There is a market full of opportunities, and together we can explore it.

Free mentoring

¡Together we can reach new heights!

Colombia is full of opportunities, and we help you reach them, and be succesfull to land and conquer this market.  

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