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Most of organizations nowadays are focus on their core, consumed by the “urgent”, in a rapid, volatile, uncertainty world we are living in. But the real struggle is to design and execute the “important”. But how?… if no body inside has the experience and knowledge to do it, and not even the time.

At Hamkke, we are aware of these needs, and we have a KPO – Project Management Office – PMO to help you out to make things happen!!!

Our multidisciplinary team and business ecosystem are the engine your organization needs to develop your strategies on innovation, market expansion, talent as a team, corporate finance, supplier management, digital transformation, spin offs for new products or services, MVPs (Minimal Viable Product), market research and sales process among others. We can build the best team and tools for your needs.

We use agility methodologies what gives us the capability to react fast in a RAPID + TURBULENT + AMBIGUOS + BRITLLE world we are living in, where companies need to be client – centered, not only for services, but also to know them better and how the trends in different dimensions are moving their needs.

A Senior Consultant will be the PMO and primary contact, for the C-Suite in your organization, to have only one person who will be responsible to brief you about the project execution, also to be the link to the diverse areas’ leaders in the company involved with the project.



Project planning

There´s always an idea to improve our business model, a new product, service, markets, niches, technology etc. In Hamkke we will translate these ideas in a comprehensive project plan, a feasible scope, tactical objectives, timetable, budget, resource allocation, and risk management.


Leading the TEAM

Through agile business practices we will make the best match with your team, to pursue the objectives in each milestone consuming the less time of their working hours.



A critical pillar for any project is: Effective communication. Hamkke combine digital tools, sprint meetings, and visual reports to do it, but the most important one: we find a simple language for the project, that fits for all involved


The Budget

Setting up the budget requires a clear compass for the project to convince the C-Suite to invest on it. Hamkke will design it, scanning suitables market options as suppliers for the project fitting CAPEX and OPEX requirements. We will monitor that the project stays within budgetary constraints


The Risk

We use agility methodologies what gives us the capability to react fast in a RAPID + TURBULENT + AMBIGUOS + BRITLLE world we are living in. With our matrix, we can analyze the project on these environments identifying and mitigating risks associated with the project to minimize potential negative impacts.



It is critical to understand the legal framework, internal and external to develop the project, we will map all of it and ensuring that the project meets the requirements, quality standards and specifications.


Follow Up

Hamkke designs OKRs and KPIs for monitoring and reporting according with the project´s milestones and timeline proposed.



During project execution we will be identifying issues and potential obstacles, suggesting tactical decision to tackle them.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing – KPO

Focus on your core competencies, meanwhile we desing and execute a tailormade project, with the best practices, latest trends, and expert team. Benefits are huge on cost reduction, staffing felixibility, on-demand expertise and resources, and a faster ramp up time for your projects.

Together we make it happen!

We are convienced , we can create value that give you the confidence to move forward 

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