Corporate finance

Finance: Your Strategy's Backbone

Think of your business’s entire strategic plan – there’s one thing it needs to survive: solid financials. Sure, accounting tells you what happened last quarter, but that’s not enough to make your money work for you.

Finance is more than just numbers; it’s the fuel that gets you where you want to go. Without smart financial management, those big goals stay out of reach.

Cash is king, strategy is queen, and tactics are your knights in shining armor.

Think of your business like a medieval kingdom:

  • Cash is your king. Without it, your kingdom can’t function.
  • Strategy is your queen. She guides your kingdom’s long-term vision and goals.
  • Tactics are your knights. They’re the specific actions you take to achieve your goals.

To build a strong kingdom, you need all three:

  • Make sure you have enough cash. This means having a healthy cash flow and managing your finances wisely.
  • Develop a sound strategy. This means having a clear vision for your business and a plan for how to achieve it.
  • Execute your strategy with effective tactics. This means taking the right actions at the right time.


Cash is the lifeblood of any business, and strategy is the key to success. We design tactics that help you improve your cash flow and achieve your business goals.


At Hamkke

We outsource your financial management.

Do you need to see and understand what’s happening financially in your company, but don’t have the budget for a high-level finance department?

Our outsourced financial management service will give you all the tools you need through a dashboard, big data analysis, and strategic suggestions for decision-making.

Cost Structure

Our cost structure analysis service can help you to identify areas where you can save money. We will also compare your cost structure to that of your competitors so that you can see where you stand, essential for developing a sound pricing strategy


Our profitability analysis service can help you to identify areas where you can improve your margins. We will also help you to identify which of your products or services are draining your cash flow so that you can take steps to address the problem.

Go-to-Market Feasibility Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive financial viability analysis of a new product or service to help you make the best decisions. identify potential risks and challenges, develop a more realistic budget, secure funding for the project, among others.

Tax Management

We look for opportunities to improve tax management by analyzing double taxation agreements, free trade agreements, and local tax structures, and designing strategies to be efficient in this area. Help you to save money on taxes, avoid tax penalties, comply with tax laws, peace of mind.

Supplier Management

We design and execute the strategy to structure economies of scale in your organization's value chain, analyze the purchasing process, and manage international suppliers. Help you to save money on supplies, improve the quality of your products or services, reduce risk, improve your efficiency.

Valuation & Growth Strategy Consulting

We develop financial valuations and models to raise capital through equity or debt using new mechanisms. We integrate the results into the investment pitch and investor deck, and connect opportunities within our business ecosystem. We specialize in Capital Funds, Joint Ventures, M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Fintech.
Help you to make better decisions about your business, raise capital, find strategic investors.

Working Capital Management Strategies

We analyze the cost of your working capital with different sources of financing, the opportunity cost of having a checking account or available funds to be subject to overdrafts or loans. We design strategies to restructure your financial obligations.
Help you to improve your cash flow, avoid financial distress, improve your profitability, grow your business.

Treasury Optimization & Risk Management

We design strategies for treasury management, liquidity, hedging, segmentation of obligations according to the business cycle and its obligations. Help you to improve your cash flow, reduce risk, improve your profitability, grow your business.

Want your strategy to fire on all cylinders? Let's talk about building a financial plan that helps you dominate the market

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