Corporate Citizenship

At Hamkke Consulting we work every day to be more aware of the value we add to our:






We are a company aware of our role in society

We want to take our higher purpose to another level, fulfilling the following commitments:

Feedback to our clients at each moment of the project, about the impact, the value we add, the needs to solve, in order to give insights, tools and tactical strategies to execute more accurately through specialized consulting. personalized or group knowledge transfer.

The meaningful, professional and horizontal relationship of our organization, as a hub of consultants and knowledge. Multidisciplinarity allows us to broaden the vision of problems in a holistic way and that is why our intervention is so appreciated by our clients. We strive to be together with our consultants to give the best in each project, always having active channels of communication, innovation, support as a team, and understanding that beyond being consultants, each one has different roles that must be balanced.

We have a fluid relationship, with payments at timely and agreed terms, so that we do not affect the progress of their business.

Concerning society, we believe that Hamkke advances in two fundamental aspects:

Education with a gender perspective

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Support for Education with a gender and environmental approach.

We join foundations that aim to provide education and protection to girls in vulnerable situations; each year we seek a deeper approach to understand their needs.

The gaps in this sector of the population remain high, and we believe that we must support closing these inequalities.

We based our first contributions to a foundation that focused more than anything on food for children in vulnerable neighborhoods of Medellín. In 2022 our path was crossed with another organization that touched our deepest fibers.

At first we provided computer equipment in excellent condition for its administrative area. Later, our conversations were more powerful, and we understood how their mission connected with our higher and massive transformation purpose. We decided then to focus our donations in equipment and cash to them. This organization protects an important group of girls in situations of vulnerability, providing shelter, education and care, ensuring that they do not drop out in their educational process, also empowerment them in an integral way.



Since 2012, when we started operations, we decided to adopt a policy of reducing paper consumption, we always emphasize the following to our clients in our proposals:

 “Our office has a zero-paper policy. Deliverables are physically delivered at the client’s request, otherwise they are sent digitally.” 

Despite that, there were several requests from clients, and administrative work, some entities also requested many printed formats.

In 2020 we decided to stop using printers, helped by the pandemic effect, most customers and suppliers adopted digital docs, which has allowed us in the last two years to reduce the use of paper, toner and ink by 95%. 

Reduced use of paper, toner and printing inks.

Energy saving

Motivating our teams of collaborators to turn off equipment and lights.

Waste management

Emphasis on reuse and recycling, also aligning ourselves with the circular economy.

Rational use of resources

The saving and correct use of resources.

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