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The core of our proposal for your organization is an integral strategy with a global mind. Focus on what you do best, we have your back to achieve the goals and strategic results in your company.

About Hamkke

The way we look the world

Its conception began in 2009 in the Asian continent, the decision of its co-founders to know the world from another perspective, reach new summits, and see the world from there.

Integral Strategy

There is a world war II story that a research and strategy group was created to analyze information that could provide solutions to the problems they were facing at that time, as well as the search for advantages over the enemy.

Historia Soluciones Estrategia

An Expert Team

We are an interdisciplinary team, being 100% focused on listening our clients.

Our Impact


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"Knowledge has to be improved, challenged , and increased constantly, or it vanishes"

Peter Drucker


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