Skills or Self-Determination

Nowadays we find in several sources the top skills a person must have to be competitive at job in the coming years. When I seem them listed, my first though is that it was made by an algorithm created to analyze and compare thousands of surveys and studies about employment.

But always there’s something missing. It misses the core.

As reported by the World Economic Forum in these lists (2015-2020), we can see many differences in the order they are listed, and 3 have been replaced.  The worst mistake you can do when you see them, is to believe that these skills are just abilities that you can learn through some sort of “dummies books”, because most of them are related 100% with your humanity.

Indeed, you can read and study a lot about it, but if you do not take the decision to change the way you think about yourself and others, you will always be pretending.

Just focus on the list about skills in 2020, let´s suppose that only from number 4 to 9, the skills have a direct relation with others, that’s 60% of the skills listed. It means you need to improve your abilities to relate with human beings, no more isolation in your “absolute trues”. It means you will need to focus at work in the relation HB2HB (Human Beings to Human Beings), and this is exactly the core that is missing in today´s organizations.

Today, our society needs to focus on humanity mainly in two ways: 1) to recognize that we are humans and created to be happy, therefore we have to put in order our priorities in life. And 2) Understand that we need others for good.

So here it comes self-determination: decide to act, to change and be coherent, because when you pretend that you care for others, when you judge by mere appearances, being greedy in negotiation, and not being coherent in all areas of your life, among others attitudes. You are acting fake and it is easy to notice by others.

These are the reasons why the “algorithm” is analyzing that organizations without really human beings, without masks, that can lead by example, may have the clue to change the world.

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